about us

1. Immersion

95% of the websites are made up of companies that only talk about themselves, avoid that format: the client wants to know how you are going to help them, who they are going to become when they use your brand or what they are going to gain from you. And, then you will talk about your brand.

2. Transfromation

We convert all information collected into a web page ready to convert visitors into customers by:
The Narrative: what we tell, how and where.
The Writing: we create persuasive tests to boost conversion.
The Design: clean, clear, and according to the identity of your brand.

3. Promotion

We define a visibility strategy on the internet according to your objectives, and we take care of the periodic management.
We work the texts of the web so that, naturally and without cost, you have a good position in Google (SEO).
At the same time, we develop an advertising strategy that regularly attracts customers to your web space (the SEM).

Our Mission

Build the best online presence that creates the most value for our customers.

Our Values

We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

“Bee Wax Media has an amazing team of talented professional. It has been a pleasure to meet them.”

Emily Wardi

If you have any suggestion, feedback, or complaint, kindly feel free to contact the boss through our: contact form, telephone number, whatsApp, or just drop an email: ceo@BeeWaxMedia.com